My heart is a hound

And he's baying at you

Don't chase him away

Let him in, let him stay

And I know he will always be true

My heart is a hen

And she's laying for you

Don't shoo her away

Let her roost, let her stay

And I know you will never be blue


Tex: I couldn't blame ya if you said you hated me, Billie Jo, seein' as how I shot your husband and all. But the way I look at it, he was too old for you anyway. You need a young man's love. And I do love you, BJ, I honestly love you.

My heart is a bull and he's chargin' at you

Oh don't step aside

Do not run, do not hide

'Cause I know he's the right bull for you


Billie Jo: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Ed. The way I figure it, if you hadn't-a killed him, he probably would have died of something else eventually anyway. I love you, Ed. I honestly love you. I really do love you. No kidding. I love you lots and lots. Why I love you so much...

Tex: Uh, honey, we gotta sing here


Our hearts are a team

And they've only begun

There's so far to go

But there's one thing we know

And it's two hearts are better than one

Oh yes it's two hearts are better than one

Believe me two hearts are better than one


Tex: I love you, Billie Jo

Billie Jo: I love you, Ed

Both: I honestly love you