So this guy who works in an aquarium gets summoned by his boss who is looking very worried. And she says to him:

"I've just been by the dolphin tank and they're feeling very amorous. They're doing all sorts of things to each other. And the trouble is that in less than an hour we've got three busloads of second-graders coming. We can't have them watching those naughty dolphins behaving as if they're in a porno flick. Now there's only one thing that acts as an anti-aphrodisiac for dolphins and that's the meat of baby seagulls. So I want you to go down to the seashore catch yourself some baby seagulls and put them in this bag and hurry on back. But be careful, a lion escaped from the zoo this morning, and though he was heavily sedated, he still just might be dangerous. OK, get going and make it snappy."

So the guy takes a shortcut through the forest to the seashore. He gets some baby seagulls and he's walking back through the forest when he sees the lion and it is lying across the path directly in front of him. It's too late to run away and the feline does seem very placid so summoning up all his courage he steps across the lion. Nothing happens and so with much relief the guy begins to resume his journey when all of a sudden a policeman steps out of the forest and grabs they guy by the arm and says to him:

"You're under arrest."

The guy can't believe it. He says, "Tell me, officer, what's the charge?"

And the policeman says:

"Transporting young gulls across a sedate lion for immoral porpoises."