• Pieces referenced:
    • Mozart, the Commendatore's entrance, from Don Giovanni
  • Other allusions:
    • The title refers to "The Stone Guest," a title used for several versions of the Don Juan story.
    • The character Carmen-Ghia refers to Bizet's Carmen; Don Octave and Donna Ribalda play on characters in Mozart's Don Giovanni; Il Commendatoreador hits both operas at once. The name references the 1960's Volkswagen sports coupe, the Karmann Ghia.
    • The shorter recorded version of the opera is hosted by "Milton Host" and has an "Opera Whiz" feature. This is a nod to Milton Cross, the host for many years of Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, and the "Opera Quizzes" which were featured during intermission. "Milton Host" was played by renowned impressionist Will Jordan.

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